Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Retaining Wall Grows -- Plumbing Proceeds

Work continued on the retaining wall today...I had illusions that it might be done by the end of the day. But there were a couple glitches -- including a first temperamental, then dead chainsaw -- that slowed progress. Here's hoping that the great wall is done at the end of day tomorrow.

Mervin made sure the fill was well compacted before installing the
dead-man timber and the start of the wall forming the second terrace.
The wall forming the second terrace between the stairway and the house is taking shape.
You can see the first terrace and the steps, This will be the north wall.
This picture shows the first levels of the south side.
You can see where the wall forming second terrace wall will be built.
Unexpectedly, Ben from Bob Tolsma Plumbing showed up at 3283. He had been scheduled at another job nearby...but they weren't ready for him. So he spent a few hours here. He completed a lot of the interior water piping, getting us closer to being ready to move in.
Ben prepared the shower valve assembly for the new bathroom.
While the majority of the supply piping is being installed using PEX plastic,
Ben stubs up to fixtures using copper. These are for the toilet and sink in the new bathroom.
Here, Ben is using a special tool to expand the PEX piping to attach a fitting.
The PEX is color coded red for hot and blue for cold.
Ben also installed the two exterior sillcocks on the south-east and north-west corners of the house.
We will need places to attach hoses until we get a underground sprinkler system.
Tomorrow the work on the retaining wall continues. When it's done the site will be ready for Jeff to install the basement door and for the plumbers to dig the trench between the house and garage. The electric line to the garage will be laid in the same excavation. Then, when Consumers Power provides service 3283 will be close to habitable.

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  1. I personally don't like using galvanized plumbing fixtures as they can easily be damaged by debris and corrosion. It's good to see that you're using durable products. I prefer using brass and stainless products too. They can last long and have a high tolerance for chemical reactions.