Monday, May 20, 2013

Holes -- Some Good, Some Bad...New Roof

Lots happened today...and some of it involved holes. Some good, anticipated, holes. Some bad, though not entirely unexpected, holes.

First to arrive was the heating contractor. Bremer and Bouman had my sales rep there for a while. But most of the work, today, was done by Doug. He planned out the details of many of the duct runs and began cutting holes in floors and walls to get heat [and AC] from floor to floor. He worked alone. He was efficient and methodical. And he asked my involvement at just the right times. All the holes he made were good holes.

Doug is checking out the holes in the second floor where heat and return air
duct work will go up.
He is cutting an opoening in the NW upstairs bedroom for one of two heat registers.
Here Doug is making an opening for heat to the new bathroom.
Here are the openings for heat registers in the SW upstairs bedroom.
Also, today, the furnace was delivered and stored in the basement. Tomorrow more holes, and maybe some sheet metal. They hope to get the work done by week's end....but aren't promising anything before the holiday weekend.

Doug did work a lot today, but his results were nowhere as dramatic as those of West Michigan Roofing.  They showed up with a crew of at least 8 guys. I was quite concerned because we had thunderstorms forecast. But they are roofers...they can read the weather better than a PhD meteorologist at NOAA. They said it would be fine. It was. There were heavy storms 45 miles away. But not a drop fell at 3283.

They stripped all the shingles off of the existing sloped roof. And in doing so, they found [created] the bad kind of hole in two or three places. We knew there were some "soft spots" in the roof...especially over the back their discovery wasn't totally unexpected.

Off with the old.
These guys are much more comfortable on the roof than I would be.
One of the holes on the back porch roof.
The holes where rotted boards were found as well as those where abandoned plumbing vent pipes and the electric service mast were quickly repaired and the task of roofing was able to begin.

A "naked" roof over the front porch.
Getting ready to repair that hole in the back porch roof.
The roofers start to work their way up with shingles over the front porch.

The lowest 1x8 board along the entire width of the front porch was in less than perfect condition. I knew parts of it needed to be replaced, but it was the right time to rip off the 30 feet and put a 2013 board to replace the 1928 one that was there.

The west roof edge is all new.
As one crew worked on the front, another worked on the back and the north and south overhangs. That's where the repairs were so while the area they covered was smaller, the work wasn't any easier.

Repairs made and the water and ice guard in place...shingling begins.
The West Michigan crew was there from about 8:30 AM til about 6:00 PM. They had a warm sunny day to work in. Storms stayed away. And all of the shingle work on the house and addition was complete by the time they left. Tomorrow the "semi-flat" roof gets a membrane roofing material applied. [Doubt that I'll get many pictures of that.] and the garage roof gets stripped and re-roofed. 

Here's the front of 3283 at the end of the day.

 I'm not sure how colors will show up on the net.
The roof is a Hunter Green - Black Textured shingle.
It does look really good.


  1. I'll be honest, I wasn't so sure about a green roof. But, it looks great!! Good work.
    And, I am glad those rotted boards have been replaced. Wouldn't want some boards falling in people's heads at 3283. ;)

  2. Nice one there. That is a very tempting offer. blank could be done better by a company that has proven itself for the longest time possible. And our company fits just the description!

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  3. Whether it's luck or intuition, it's good that the weather was in your favor at the time. Your contractors seemed quick to analyze your roof and work on it as well. Time is vital when it comes to construction problems especially if you're trying to beat the weather. Congrats on the new roof!

  4. One good thing with renovations is that the long-existing-yet-always-forgotten problems are unearthed. And it's not to say that having holes in the ceiling is a good thing, but having it fixed now that the new roof is in the way is. Little problems must be addressed when they are still little. But of course, I'm glad that you finally have a new roof now. Congratulations!
    O.N. Andrew & Son