Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shingles and Ducts

More roofing and duct work at 3283 today. The roofers showed up first and immediately started to tear off the old roof from the garage. Shingles and old felt paper were totally removed in about 90 minutes. And, as expected, a few “soft boards” were found. Those were repaired, new roofing paper was nailed in place, and the new roof went on. Shingle by shingle … row by row. The south side of the garage faces the main entry way to my neighbor’s house. The roof there was especially bad looking. Now there is a brand new roof facing the drive and walkway.
Here you can see the tear off and some of the replaced boards.
The completed south side of the garage roof,
as viewed from our neighbor's drive.
The Township Electrical Inspector stopped by for a while this morning to look over the work done by B&L Electric. It all passed without problem. And, as importantly,  I was also able to talk with him about the electrical work I will be doing myself in the addition, basement, front porch, laundry, and [maybe] living room. I just need a permit and I can start running wire.

Doug returned to continue the heating/air conditioning system installation. He didn't arrive until later in the morning, but the brought a truckload of sheet metal components with him. His day was spent installing some of the major supply and return-air ducts to the second floor. The major runs that go up through the new laundry area and in the north west bedroom were completed. He also installed the wall registers in the addition and porch bathrooms.
Doug is working in the basement under the duct that will go
up the wall in the northwest bedroom.
The shiny sheet metal duct in the NW bedroom
will be boxed in to hide it.
In the soon-to-be laundry room these two ducts will
provide supply and return air for part of the second floor.
I was away from the site for a couple hours handling a property tax issue with the Ottawa County Treasurer’s very helpful staff. Well, I didn't exactly “handle” it…my check book did.  Because of that, I wasn't around to watch the old flat roof being stripped off and the start of installation of the new membrane roofing material. And, I didn't climb up to take exciting, action packed photos. 

 Below are some pictures of the crew working on the semi-flat roof…taken from terra-firma.

Some trim work on the roof remained as the roofers left today. It involves specially made fascia trim and drip edge for the flat roof. I’m told they will be back later this week to finish that up.

Sorry this is short and un-edited. But, I'm blogging from Panera Bread and they are about to close the doors and kick me out.


  1. Congratulations on your new roof! It's a great thing that the weather took your side until the new shingles were installed. It's also good to know that the wholes on the ceiling were replaced and patched up. I'm sure that your house is ready come the next storm.
    DeShazo Roofing

  2. You made a great job in repairing the roof. Looks like its done by a professional.

  3. The roofs for the garage and the house look great! I'm a little wary that the soft boards on the garage roof were repaired instead of replaced with new ones. But seeing that professionals deemed it alright, I'm assuming there wasn't that much damage to them and that they can still hold up against natural wear and tear. With proper maintenance and routine inspection, that roof could last you a while. Thanks for sharing! -Nelson@Royal Roofing and Siding

  4. Preparing for the storm through getting a new roof is a good move, John. Not only will you be assured of being safe under your roof, but also you'll have confidence that it can withstand a nasty weather. Just remember to see if some parts need repairs or reinforcements from time to time.

    Leonore Lung @Professional Roofing Contrators