Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eleven Weeks

Our contractor started some preliminary work on Friday March 1st.  I came to Holland on Saturday March 2nd to be a part of the transformation of 3283. Worked started in earnest on March 4th. The structure was "off the grid" since then. No power meant no water and no heat. No gas seconded the no heat situation. And, remember, March and April in Michigan were cold...very cold.

I have made my residence in a very convenient, very nice and very moderately priced extended stay hotel here in Holland.  Value Place. No fancy amenities, no pool, no bar, no restaurant, no free cookies at the main desk. I've referred to it as "the dorm."  The room was simple, clean, and secure. It had a mini kitchen [fridge, stovetop, microwave and sink]. It had a bath with tub/shower -- and good hot water.  My room had two double beds; but I lucked into that since all singles were taken when I arrived. So the put me in a double at single prices. I anticipated having to move...but that never happened. And, besides a little TV,  it has I could write this blog.

I moved 90% of my stuff from here to 3283 this afternoon. I'm sitting here with Bobbie. We just had dinner out. She is watching the Tigers Game and I'm using the internet to post this blog. But, we will be back at 3283 tonight....sleeping in our bed.

It has been Eleven Weeks since this project started. Eleven weeks that I've stayed at the Value Place of Holland. I can now live at 3283. Finely.

A lot has happened in those Eleven Weeks. The cottage has become a home. It is an unfinished home....but a home for sure.  The progress went very quickly in the beginning. In the first six to eight weeks the majority of the work was done. Then, due to the heavy rains I slowed the progress some waiting for the retaining wall to be built. Then there were some scheduling conflicts that delayed the final plumbing and electrical work. And the utility companies, Semco gas and Consumers Energy electricity seemed to take forever to make their connections.

Week One saw the contractors dig trenches under each corner of the house.
Week Two saw the house lifted on beams and cribbing.
Week Three saw the completion of the excavation under the cottage.
Week Four saw most of the main foundation nearly completed and ended with Easter weekend.
Week Five saw Interior framing, the house back on the foundation and the addition foundation completed.
Week Six saw the addition framed and the basement floor poured.
Week Seven saw completion of the foundation, beginning of plumbing and electrical work and the Flood.
Week Eight saw electrical work inside and trim work outside.
Week Nine saw retention wall construction and much of the addition being sided.
Week Ten saw underground electric and plumbing, porch bathroom framing/siding and entry deck construction.
Week Eleven saw  gas and electric service connection, completion of entry decks/railings and start up of water system.

Most of all Week Eleven saw 3283 become a livable home. One with much left to be done. But one that Bobbie and I can now live in.

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  1. 11 weeks!!! And now many more days, weeks, months, years living at 3283. Thank you, Dad and Mom for continuing the legacy. We love you.