Monday, May 13, 2013


Most of the morning today was spent contacting my anticipated heating and roofing contractors and dealing with the latest "bump" in our nagging real-estate tax issue. I also talked to Mitch at Consumers Energy and was told we are scheduled to have electric service "this week." But, he couldn't commit to a day.

I made it to 3283 around noon and spent a couple hours cleaning up some of the dirt that has remained in the basement from "the flood." It seems to be getting cleaner...but a few more layers may need to be pealed away. I also cut some wood trim to make one of the back porch screens smaller...which will be needed because of the new bathroom wall.

The day was so uneventful that I hadn't planned on writing a blog post this evening. That is until about 3:15. I had closed up the place and driven down the driveway. I was sitting in my car out by the road talking to my plumber on my cell phone [cell service at 3283 is less-than-perfect until we get cable and our mini-tower set up] when three large utility trucks pulled up. One of the workers came out and asked "Is there a new house going up 'back there'." I said it's a renovation, but yes. And, then I asked if they were here for SEMCO or Consumers. They said they were here for SEMCO. So, I lead them back the drive and watched as our new natural gas service was installed.

The guys hand dug the first few feet from the house toward the north.
They then "plowed" the line in for about the
30-40 feet to where the old line had been cut back.
The new gas meter yoke and meter were installed on a steel post next to the foundation.
At the other end the new line was connected to the existing underground service.
The new gas meter is in place.
Our plumber just needs to disconnect the pressure test setup
from the pipe at the right and attach the line to the meter.
The meter does read 0000.

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