Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Chores at "Home"

Sunday. I woke up at 3283 around 8:00. It felt good to be "home." Before we put dirty work clothes on, we dressed normally and headed into town to get some supplies. First we went to Lowes. We picked up: light bulbs for the bathroom, heavy duty bug spray [the place has been 'open' for a while], a doorknob/lock for the new porch bathroom door, another gallon of primer [the new boards are sucking it up], a light to install at the top of the basement stairs, and a sheet of hardwood plywood to fill the opening where the north window of the west bedroom used to be.

Then to the grocery store. No need to report a detailed list. Suffice to say, we are stocking our home with the stuff we'll need all summer....and beyond.

We made it home before noon. And Bobbie began to make some order in the kitchen and the rest of the house. I went to work with my paintbrush to complete priming of the siding on the new bathroom walls. I had primed the lower siding boards before, so I needed to set up a couple ladders and a scaffold to reach the upper section of the east wall. Bobbie grabbed the there are actually pictures of me working.

When I finished the east wall using the stepladders and scaffold I moved around the corner to the north wall of the porch bathroom. It was higher...because ground level is terraced down behind the retaining wall. While priming that wall I also removed the old cable entry box and primed behind it and the spot where the electric meter used to be.  Since Charter Cable just replaced the box last year I figured they could re-use it for the new service I'm getting Thursday. And, if I put it in place it would go where I wanted it, not where the technician decided. I put it just to the left of the electric meter.

There was a lot of disruption around 3283 this spring. Much of the landscaping was destroyed. It is nice to see the plants and flowers that have made it through the turmoil. Most of the hostas, fiddle head ferns, and lilies of the well as all the pachysandra that we moved seem to have survived. And you've seen the few tulips that bloomed.

This week another traditional plant of 3283 came into bloom. Along our north property line and at the top of the dune we have some very old and apparently very sturdy lilac bushes. Their fragrant flowers began to bloom this week.

I said Bobbie spend the day making the cottage more like home. I didn't get pictures but the transformation was amazing. It was just what I expected from Bobbie. By the time I finished painting and hanging the door to the porch bathroom she not only had the kitchen back to normal, she had made dinner. And, it was one of my favorites: meatballs and rice.  Thanx, Bobbie.

This is my last blog from Value Place. Yes, I came back for an hour or so to use the internet. But, my time here is up. This week should bring the heating contractor and the roofer. But they are predicting rain and thundershowers. Roofing may be delayed. Stay tuned, I'll keep you all updated.

I'll blog if I can. I'm living at home...but still somewhat "roughing it."

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