Sunday, August 24, 2014

Yes, we're still alive ... and working

I know it's  been a long time since I posted. Things at 3283 have been more leisure than work for a while. Since the last post both of our kids, their spouses and all three grandsons have been here. So "work" slowed down quite a bit. I did manage to cut, stain and install the moulding around the new floors in the living room, entry, kitchen, bathroom and on the front porch. 1x4 and 1/4 round aren't very photogenic so no pictures.

Bobbie has been here a lot this summer. Two weeks in June/July and another two weeks in early August. She also came for this weekend, and took me to West Olive Nursery for the start of their Labor Day Sale. Therefore, yesterday and today were spent filling some of our empty "flower beds" with plants.  The prices were amazingly we are trying some things to see how they will work out.

We have only planted one trial group of foxglove on the front side of the house. But, we did also buy some lazy Susan plants to try to grow in front of the deck (once I clear some of the weeds).  A picture of the foxglove is below.

Along the south side of 3283 we mixed some semi-shade appropriate perennials called cone flower and purple coral bells. They should make for a colorful walkway as you head to the beach.

In front of the lattice-enclosed outdoor shower we planted holly bushes. Three are the variety "China Girl" and the fourth is "China Boy."  I guess they won't produce berries unless there are both nearby.

As you arrive at 3283 you come up to the back porch and steps to the back door. Along the wall below the back porch screens we planted boxwood bushes. They should grow just tall enough to break up the white wall.  At the south end of the screen porch next to the steps we planted two azalea bushes. These will, hopefully, go well with the boxwood and add some color when they are in bloom.

Lastly we did some planting in the terraces along the stairs to the basement. We are trying out both a new variety of hostas (upper shelf) and something called liriope varaga (to Bobbie's right). This area is on the north side of the house and shaded by large oak trees ... so we needed full shade loving plants. Stop by next summer to see how they worked out.

Needless to say, on the warmest, most humid days of summer we got plenty dirty playing gardeners. Now I'm trying to post to the blog from my iPad with pics taken with it. Not sure how this will add a comment letting us know.