Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Time

Its December. Our family celebrates a few birthdays and Christmas this month. Thus, our effort has been diverted from work on 3283 to family and seasonal activity. The break is wonderful!

I've had a few comments made to me personally that some are gong through "withdrawal" due to the reduced frequency of my posting. I'm sorry for any health issues that missing these blog posts may have caused. But, really, there hasn't been a lot of progress to report. Since work on the bathroom was [substantially] completed there has been very little work done on the project. Only a little painting in the addition. But there is more to be done. 2014 won't be nearly as exciting as this year was, but anyone following will see progress.

Off the top of my head, here is some of the work that will likely be done next year:

Finish Painting the addition
Install pocket doors to addition and bath
Install -- and paint -- trim molding in the addition
Install flooring in the addition
Trim out the new living room windows
Install "curtain wall" in laundry area
Get window coverings for living room and addition
Cover heating duct in living room with paneling
Install closet/cabinets in laundry/entry area
Paint rails and balusters on entry porch 
Complete stair surfaces on outside basement entry
Deal with leaky windows on front porch 
Install floor covering on front porch
and, maybe some garage upgrades.

I am excited about living at 3283 over the winter. I have gotten a taste of cold and snow during November and early December. And January, February and much of March are still ahead. Good thing many of the projects I listed above are inside. I'm sure I can keep busy.

The Legacy of 3283 continues. All of our kids and grandsons will be together next week. Not yet, at 3283. But, maybe next year. Only time will tell. Thank you for your interest in our legacy..

   Merry Christmas   
   Happy New Year   

May God Bless Everyone
as you
Be Happy
Have Fun