Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Milestone Day -- Short Blog

There are a few key milestones that define progress on a project like this.
Thus far we have passed the following milestones:

  • When the house was put on beams and lifted off its foundation;
  • When the foundation was completed and the house let down on it;
  • When the foundation for the addition was completed;
  • When the addition was framed; 
  • When the electric and plumbing reached substantial completion.

Although these were significant the cottage is not yet a "residence" -- we aren't able to live in it. There had been no electric power to it and without electric power there is no water.

  • Today's milestone was re-connection to the power grid. 

Yesterday the Consumers Energy crew plowed underground cable between the house and the nearest power pole. Today, they returned, connected our line to the overhead lines; made changes to the service for our home and two others to be fed them off a different transformer: and set our meter.

Friday the electricians and plumbers will show up to connect the power to the well pump and bring water to 3283. It is beginning to look like we WILL be staying there starting this weekend.

Our "underground" service runs up the side of this pole.
The third of our three wires is being connected.
The power enters the meter box at the left.
The meter will be placed above the red bars.
And, the power enters our house through the wires at the right.
Our installed electric meter.
Like the gas meter it read 00000.

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  1. Yay! What a great milestone!!
    So much has been glad you'll be in there and calling it home so very soon!!!!!