Monday, May 27, 2013

Holiday Weekend -- A Little Progress

Life was a little slower at 3283 the last few days. A good thing. So there is not much to post. Bobbie and her mom have been here since Thursday afternoon. The weather has still been quite cool. Thursday we got the Internet. I posted about that.

Friday we were into "provisioning:" Sam's Club. Lowes. Post Office. The roofers were here for a while. And, Doug continued fitting heating ducts inside hard to see places. Then, we spent some time at 3283 with the shop vac removing contractor left overs.  Finely, we made the decision to replace the windows in the living room. So we called the (self proclaimed) Pella Fella and ordered them. This will delay the finishing of the south living room wall by a couple weeks. But it's best for the house.

Saturday we got a late start....we actually relaxed for a while in the morning. Eventually, Bobbie went to work scraping old paint from the front porch so it could be painted along with the new trim boards. Meanwhile, I worked my way around the house filling nail holes in the least the lower trim.

Sunday I started with a routine spring cottage chore: I removed the caulk used to seal the four front porch windows that are operational and installed the screens. I had to use a taller ladder this time....the cottage is two feet higher than last year. The front screen door installation was more difficult than usual this year. Due to the new porch floor it had to be cut down to fit. And slight shifting during reconstruction required it to be shaved down width-wise too.

Bobbie made a grocery store run....allowing for real home cooking at 3283. I sanded the hundreds of spots where nail hole filler had been placed on Saturday....we scraped most of the porch...and caulked the edges. All ready to paint today.

Last night our son Mike came by 3283...after coaching 12 games at a soccer tournament in Indiana. It was his first visit since the construction began, so we spent some time showing him around.

We hoped he could help paint today....but the weather didn't cooperate. It threatened rain all morning....and drizzled this afternoon. So we found inside stuff for Mike to help with. First he got our wireless router and Verizon mini-tower up and running. Then he helped move some large items to the trash dumpster that we still have here from the roofers. He helped me re-size a piece of paneling that buckled when the floor was leveled. Helped me move paneling removed from the living room wall to the basement. And attempted an old house archaeological expedition.

In the room that became the hall to the addition a section of the bead board wall had obviously been cut and re placed. He removed about half the boards to see what may have been in the opening. All that was there was insulation....nothing to explain why the boards were cut. The mystery of the cut boards will not be solved now....if ever.

Mike has headed for home.
Bobbie is making pot roast.
Starting to smell really good!!!!

Tomorrow roofers should be finishing up....and the heating work should continue. 

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