Friday, May 3, 2013

Little Things...

At the beginning of this project a lot was happening. It was happening fast. And the progress was being measured in large steps -- big changes. As the work progressed the changes have become more subtle. Some days there seems to be no visible change. I have had days when progress consisted of making arrangements for utility service. [By the way....neither gas or electric are yet hooked up.] And, there were the days when the "progress" was the clean-up after the flooded basement.

Today I went to 3283 and watched a couple little steps in the progress. Before Consumers Energy can trench the underground electric service the dumpster that is on site needed to be moved out of the path of the proposed service line. Since we'll still need the dumpster for a while I couldn't call to have it removed. So, again, Dan Deitz provided help. Dan sent John with the little Cat. John used the fork lift attachment to slide the dumpster south about 10-15 feet. [Sorry no action pictures.]
The dumpster was moved just to the south [left].
Consumers Energy will run the underground electric from the pole at the
right then through the open area north of the dumpster and to the right side of the addition.
We also received delivery of the siding and basement door for the addition. I hadn't expected to see the delivery today...though I did know that the carpenter was planning on working here tomorrow.
Keen Lumber delivered the siding and door for the addition.
I'm looking forward to seeing the door and windows installed.
And, siding going up will really make the place look close to finished.
Since Dan had John drive down from Muskegon he added one more "chore" for him to do while at 3283. The asphalt driveway we share with our neighbor had become quite "caked" with a layer of sand/mud.  John used the bucket of the Cat to scrape the majority of the gunk off the pavement. Then he took out his broom and manually worked his way down much of the 600 foot long driveway sweeping away the sand.
It was amazing to see how much of the sand/dirt John
was able to scrape off using the Cat's bucket.
The Cat provided motive-power for the first part of the cleaning
but the final cleaning was done by man-power.
Here, John is about 1/3 of the way down the drive
I needed to drive to Grand Rapids to pick up some window parts, so I left him about 1/3 of the way down the drive. But when I returned later in the day the work he did [plus a little rainfall] made the driveway look pristine. Thanx for the good work, John.

The pictures above may be nearly as boring as last week's scraping and caulk, but they are what I have for today.  I expect more action shots tomorrow.

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