Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sheet Metal & Paint

It's Wednesday already. The middle of the week comes quickly when Monday is a holiday. And, I'll be heading to Livonia tomorrow evening. It was cool, damp and foggy this morning. And, since I didn't sleep well last night I got a slow start this morning. I wrote Tuesday's blog and posted it this morning. Had something to eat [breakfast?lunch?]...then got started on 3283.

Doug arrived with a bunch of sheet metal and went to work in the basement. One of the contractor's tasks was to install a vent from the new laundry area -- which is not on an exterior wall -- so a clothes dryer can eventually be installed. While this doesn't sound like a big deal, it's important to get it in place before the large  ducts near the furnace are installed. Doug worked on both the dryer venting and the large return air ducts today.
The dryer vent fit above the plumbing.
Part of the large return air duct work.
The furnace cabinet is fabricated at the factory allowing for the return air to be fed from either side. So, the installer has to cut through the cabinet where the return air and the filter will be located. Doug cut through our furnace cabinet so he could measure for the vertical duct connecting the return air to the furnace.

Doug is cutting the furnace cabinet. The filter rack is in front of him.
I spent the day in my paint clothes. [Remember I am a sloppy painter. So if I'll be near paint I dress appropriately.] I had hoped to start painting the front porch walls this morning. But the drizzle and fog suggested I put that off. But I had paint clothes on. So I went to work on the small wall inside the back porch that encloses the new "boys bathroom."

The wall looks like it belongs now that it's white.
I need to get some 1x4s to trim it out.
Around 3:00 or so the clouds parted and we actually saw sunshine at 3283. This meant the front porch was back in play. We had scraped the old paint and caulked over the weekend. So I only had to protect the split-faced concrete block from paint splatter and get the primer and brushes out. After a few cold cloudy days the sun was very warm where there was no shade. I chose to work on the side with a little shade first. Not for my comfort as much as to be sure the primer, which dries fast anyway wasn't being painted onto a warm surface.

I painted the entire south half of the wall. The primer s nice and white. It made the new trim boards and the scraped bead board wall look very good...especially when compared to the --still unpainted -- north side. i took a few pictures to show the contrast. One is below, but due to some shadows the picture doesn't look as dramatic as it did in person. Weather permitting, I'll paint the north side tomorrow.

The cottage is (relatively) level....I just cant hold the camera right.

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