Friday, May 10, 2013

Wet Work -- No More Ladders

It was a wet Friday at 3283. We had rain overnight, rain early this morning and it was raining as I drove to 3283. But when I arrived at about 8:00 this morning Jeff and John had already been there for a while, working in the rain. When I left yesterday the carpenters had built the studs for the new bathroom wall, but no siding was installed yet. By my arrival they had the wall nearly 2/3 sided.
Jeff and John had installed this much siding by the time I arrived at about 8:00.
We had rain all of the morning. But it didn't stop the work. The two carpenters finished the siding on this wall and installed the new bathroom window.
John is nailing the window in place as Jeff makes sure it is level.
This is the new east wall of the porch from the inside.
The bathroom will not be used  in winter, so we intend to leave the interior "rustic."
Bill arrived shortly after I did. He went right to work on the back entry deck where he left off yesterday. He first installed the posts and stringers for the stairway. Then began to fit the risers and decking material onto the stairs. Our old steps had open risers which I think is appropriate for a cottage, and allows air circulation to keep the wood dry. But our government knows better and requires that the risers be solid, or have no more than a 4" opening. Regulations on the size of steps and required openings between balusters for the railings brings new meaning to the saying "Don't Tread On Me."

Our treads and the deck surface is constructed with composite material. The risers were built of cedar planks so we can paint them white to match the house siding. The decking and treads were installed with hidden fasteners, but the outer edges needed to be screwed in place. Very small stainless steel screws to make them less visible.

Bill and John are making sure the posts for the railing are plumb.
Cedar risers are being nailed in place.
Jeff and Bill are fitting the treads and fastening them in place.
The carpenters headed to lunch....and I headed back to my room do make some phone calls. It didn't get any drier while we were gone. In the afternoon the guys framed the smaller--though more complicated deck leading to the front [lake side] door. They worked as far as they could on this deck...until they ran out of decking material. Jeff will get more and finish the deck next week. I'll get better pictures then.
A lot of heavy lumber made up the framework for the front entry deck.
Bill and Jeff are fitting decking boards to the steps of the front deck.
It was getting late in the day. All three carpenters were tired and wet as the day came to a close. But, Jeff finished off two more tasks before packing up the trailer and heading out. First he and John framed the studs for the interior wall of the porch bath. We left an opening for a 30" exterior door that will have to be cut down to a shorter than normal height. After staring at the opening I may want to see if a narrower one could work.
There are not a lot of studs in the wall between the porch and the new bathroom.
Finely, he and Bill installed the top rail on the back deck and steps. When the day was done, Jeff has 98% of his assigned work completed. But, most notably....the ladders we have been using to get into the main floor of 3283 since it was lowered onto the foundation are no longer needed. We have fully functional stairs entry stairs to both front and back doors.

As Jeff picked up the last of his supplies, you can see that the back steps are complete.
And now we have a good idea where the final grade for the yard will need to be.

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