Thursday, May 23, 2013

21st Century Communication and A Sunset

Slow progress at 3283 the last two days. Doug spent more time on duct work yesterday. But had another job he needed to attend to today. I spent some of my day completing the paneling and insulation removal from the south living room wall. And I drilled a bunch of holes. Some to prepare the addition and living room for new electric circuits. And, some to allow easy installation of cable service.

Charter Cable showed up around 1:00. Well, actually a outside contractor for Charter shower up. He made the connection at the utility pole using the cable wire previously installed by the electric company. He then made the connection at the house and ran wires through the basement to get our service set up.

We now have cable TV, internet [Yes, today's blog is coming directly from the front porch of 3283.] and telephone service all being provided by our cable company. They were able to keep our decades old phone number...and the cost seemed we'll see how the service works out. Our  neighbors have had all three through Charter and seem content.

Bobbie and her mom came today for a loooong holiday weekend. As they showed up the rain stopped and the skies cleared. It will be a cool couple days, but dry.  Some of the best things about 3283 are the sunsets. Today we saw our first of the year. Here's a picture so you can see it too.


  1. What a transformation. Enjoying the post with all the updates. We know there is still lots of work to be done, contiue to enjoy the journay

  2. Wow...Sooooooo much done...and I love the sunsets....