Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Long Weekend Ends

Tuesday was another wet day at 3283. No drought in West Michigan this spring. Bobbie extended the holiday through the day and left with her mother in the early evening. [Their trip home was interrupted by heavy thunderstorms. Bad enough that they pulled off at an exit and waited them out.] Thanx for being here, Bobbie and all your support...real and moral.

In the morning we had a few "visitors."  Most notable, probably was the truck to remove the dumpster used by the roofers. This is notable because for the first time since March 1st there is no dumpster at 3283. Could this be a sign that a corner has been turned?  I'm hoping so.

The dumpster-less back yard.
Doug, from Bremer and Bauman was here until early afternoon working on the heating duct work. This process has seemed to be going very slowly to us. So much so that I called "the boss" and asked that he stop by later in the day. Doug did do a lot of work on the ducts feeding the two west upstairs bedrooms -- but I still have questions about them.  Ron did stop by in the afternoon....I expressed my concerns but didn't get a firm completion date....and still wonder about how well the ducts in the 'unconditioned' attic space will be insulated.

Two other visitors came to give us quotes on some future work. First was Lane from Pavers Plus. We need walkways leading to the cottage and around it to the lake. These can be concrete or paving block. We like the look of block....but didn't have a clue about cost.. So we called Lane to get an idea. He had some good suggestions on layout, and will be sending a cost estimate.  We'll need to compare that to a concrete price. I have a contractor coming to give me that estimate.

The second was Emily from Great Lakes Window Coverings. She came to measure and give ideas for "solar screens" to be installed along the west wall of the front porch. The late afternoon sun can make sitting there uncomfortable -- hot and very bright.. And this is where we most often have dinners.

Since the weather ranged from heavy sprinkles to thunderstorms all day I didn't get any outside work done. I did, however, spend some time in the afternoon pulling electric wire to feed the addition. Bobbie captured a few pictures of me up on a ladder in the basement drilling holes and running wire up to the new room. Here's a couple.

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