Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Final Plumbing -- Bath and Laundry

Today was a plumbing day. Not everything I had envisioned got done...but the most important and most visible work did. Bob Tolsma drove up around 8:30 this morning. Actually he followed me down the driveway as I was returning from retrieving the garbage tote from the street. There was a whole checklist of plumbing items to be completed. I guess about half got done today. Much of what remains didn't get done because I decided to use the laundry tub that was planned for the basement in the new laundry and because the washer and dryer won't be delivered until tomorrow. Bob wanted to wait with locating the gas line until he knew where the connection was located on the machine.

Install faucet/drain/soap dispenser in new bathroom
Install shower valve and shower head in new bathroom
Indstall toilet in new bathroom
Install laundry tub in new laundry area

To Be Completed
Run gas line and install washer and dryer
Install utility sink in basement
Install drain valves to allow boys bath to be winterized

Thanks to the work done today the new bathroom in the addition is functional. We need the glass wall and door to keep water inside the shower, a light fixture allow use at night and a mirror so we can see how much better looking we get each day. [This time the line is from an old country song.....anyone know which one?]

Below are a couple action shots of Bob contorted inside small spaces and a few of what the final products look like.

For those of us who were in high school and college in the late 1960s and early 1970s much of our understanding of the physical and social geography of Southeast Asia was centered around our own or our close friends involvement in the Vietnam "conflict." This blog is not a forum for political commentary [except my frequent jabs at federal and local building regulations]. However I find it quite interesting ... maybe amusing ...  that when we make use of any of the three "porcelain thrones" at 3283 they were "made in Vietnam." 

Bob left around noon. I have not felt well lately: cough, headache....just achy. So I didn't get a lot of my list worked on. I did, with a couple goofs, manage to get the inside frame of the TV alcove trimmed out. Since my measurement/cutting was only about 90% accurate I decided to wait on cutting trim boards for the outside and the windows until I feel better. Hopefully tomorrow. Here's where the bedroom TV will eventually live.

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  1. Kudos to Bob! It's not that easy to install pipes, showers, and tubs, but he managed to do it in a day! It's been a week, and I wonder if the remaining projects have already been completed. I'm looking forward to seeing your fully furnished house! :)

    Jaye Conaway @