Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The First Drywall is Up !

It's been a long time since the project began in March. A lot happened quickly. And, lately the schedule has not been our friend. But yesterday [Monday] I felt that progress toward a fully functional home is being made. I purposely avoided using the word "finished" because there will always be work to do. But, with what is anticipated over the next two or three weeks, 3283 will be nearly substantially complete.

So, what happened yesterday to boost my spirits? Jason Austin, aka Austin Drywall, arrived here to begin hanging the drywall. He wasn't originally scheduled to be here until Thursday. But in order to help meet my schedule he worked here last evening for 4 or 5 hours. In that time he completed hanging all the "green board" [water resistant drywall] in the bathroom of the addition. Lots of fitting was required around plumbing, electrical, exhaust fan and heating stuff in a small space. But before he left that room was hung.

The first sheets of drywall went on the ceiling
Jason is installing the last ceiling piece.
He had to cut out for the exhaust fan on the previous one.
Here Jason is fastening the top board on the bath's east wall.
On this sheet he made cuts for the window and the wire for the vanity light.
He's installing the last of the bathroom "green board."
Where you can still see studs and insulation the tile contractor will be
putting up cement board in the shower area.
When Jason left last night the addition finely had the feeling of two rooms the bath and the bedroom.  He is due back later today to hang the drywall in the laundry area [which has another "difficult" wall], and maybe begin the bedroom. The pictures below try to show the bathroom in beautiful shades of green and a look at the back of the bathroom wall from the bedroom [again, the open studs will be covered with cement board].

Looking south in the bathroom.
The east wall.
Looking east from the bedroom.
It's nice to have a wall in place. Even if only on one side.
I'll post more this week as the drywall work progresses. Hanging yet needs to be done in the laundry area, bedroom and one living room wall. Then all the taping, muding and sanding will need to be done. Jason is planning on working this afternoon and again Thursday and Friday. If all goes well the drywall should be ready for paint by the 17th or 18th. And the bathroom tile work can begin on the 21st.  Stay tuned...I may be posting more often over the next few weeks.

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  1. Looking good!! It appears this new schedule aligns perfectly with our visit...is that coincidence or a problem?
    Can't wait to see more "walls" up!!