Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hanging is Complete

The drywall is all hung. On Wednesday, Jason finished hanging the drywall in the bedroom and the living room. The bedroom now is beginning to look like a real habitable space. And the not-quite-finished south wall of the living room is going to look great with the new windows and the new paint-able wall surrounding them.

Jason worked well into the evening again yesterday. But by the time he left all the walls were covered with drywall and the scraps were removed from 3283. There are a few full sheets of left-over drywall remaining. I think he and I will move them to the basement today. There may be enough to cover one of the walls down there.

Photos below show the work done Wednesday. Jason moved back and forth between the bedroom and living room largely due to the way the material had been 'staged' by the delivery people. He did two bedroom walls; then the living room wall; then ended with the last bedroom wall.

Today the finishing begins. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for completion before Monday.

The first board is being hung on the west bedroom wall.
Jason hangs the drywall across the windows then cuts out the opening
Here he is screwing the same board in place after the window was cut out.
The first sheets of drywall are up on the living room wall.
Ready for the last sheet in the living room.
The first sheet on the last wall.
The north bedroom wall is starting to take shape.
And...the very last sheet of drywall gets set in place.
Every other sheet was hung horizontally.
Only the last one fit better "standing-up"
Below are a few photos of the two finished rooms. I can't wait for the seams to be covered and the drywall work completed. Then we get to .....paint.

Living room -- South Wall.
New Bedroom -- Looking Northwest
New Bedroom -- Looking Northeast
New Bedroom -- Looking Southeast
Left door is to bath. Right door is to main house.
New Bedroom -- Looking Southwest
The extra drywall still needs to be removed.

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