Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Drywall Hanging Chapter 2

Jason Austin is, pretty much, a one man company. A lot of his work consists of small projects or repair of existing, damaged walls, not major new home construction. So, our project with one "new" area [bedroom and bath] and a couple "renovation" areas in the new laundry and the one living room wall is just right for him. He, however is managing multiple customers and both Monday and yesterday worked other jobs first -- then came to 3283 and worked from afternoon into the evening. Hard working young man, he is.

Yesterday He hung the wallboard in the laundry area, the ceiling of the bedroom and on the wall between the existing house and the addition. I took a bunch of pictures, but the few below will give a good representation of the progress he made.  More work this afternoon. All of the wallboaerd hanging should be done either today or early Thursday. Then the taping and finishing.

The first wall worked on Tuesday was the one in
the existing house surrounding the door to the addition.
The east wall of the laundry area was complex. Openings were needed
for a laundry tub water/drain, wash machine water/drain, dryer exhaust,
electric outlet and under cabinet lighting....
....But with his router Jason made everything fit.
The last laundry area wall is a short on on the south side .
Here only one cut needed to be made for the light switch. 
Jason next began work in the larger room of the addition. The ceiling was tackled first. This was much easier than I had expected for a one-man-crew due to the drywall lift he brought to 3283. Ten foot long panels were used -- each cut some to fit between rafters. Four were full 4 feet wide and the last two were trimmed somewhat to cover the not-quite-twelve foot wide room. 

Jason is setting up the lift.
The first ceiling sheet being lifted.
Jason is cutting out the opening for the ceiling light/fan.
The last sheet of ceiling drywall is being lifted into place.
Before he left for the day Jason hung the drywall on the south bedroom wall. Openings for the entry door, one electrical outlet and an alcove for a TV needed to be provided. 
I didn't get a picture before Jason had moved some extra sheets of drywall back against the wall.
But this shot gives a good feel for the finished wall.

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