Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Next Bathroom Steps

Work at 3283 over the past few days centered on the new bathroom. The walls and ceiling were primed last week. Then I painted the ceiling with a satin sheen 'ceramic' paint. Again, white paint over white primer doesn't photograph well; so no pictures.

The bathroom cabinets were also delivered last week, so a few hours was spent installing them. They needed to be in place before the tile work could begin. I didn't get pictures of the installation process. But, it consisted of playing with shims to make sure they were level and plumb and screwing them to the wall. Not the most exciting work. But the results were fulfilling. Though its hard to take pictures in the small bathroom I've included a couple below to give the idea. Bobbie needs to decide on hardware [handles].

Yesterday [Monday] Johnathan from Duca Granite and Tile began the process of tiling the bathroom. They will be installing tile throughout walls of the shower area,  the shower floor and the entire bathroom floor. They will also be installing granite for the counter top, the caps of the knee walls and the seat of the bench in the shower. Day one was the installation of most of the cement board in the shower area and on the bathroom floor.

Johnathan is nailing a piece of cement board on the west shower wall.
The top cement boards are in place in the shower.
Looking north in the bathroom.
The lower cement boards will be put in after the shower pan is poured.
Tuesday morning the plumber will be here to adjust the shower drain and Johnathan will be back to pour the shower floor and finish the cement board. I'll post again later today or tomorrow morning.

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