Thursday, October 24, 2013

Snow and Tile Day 4

When the renovation of 3283 began about March 1, 2013 the weather in southwest Michigan was cold. There was quite a bit of snow on the ground. The cold, windy and wet weather lasted well into the spring. But that weather didn't have much impact on the project. Work continued through the summer and a few weeks ago we watched the sun set directly down the front sidewalk....due west as the equinox signaled the beginning of fall. Since then its been cool along the Lake Michigan shore. And today we awoke to the first snow of Winter 2013-14. It was wet sloppy snow. It was a good thing that the work scheduled for today was all inside.

The inside work today was a continuation of the bathroom tile installation. The Duca crew continued working in the shower. The effort didn't show a whole lot of visual change from yesterday. The guys finished all the wall tile in side the shower; put the 'bull-nosed' tile along the edge where the tile will meet painted walls; installed the granite caps on the two knee-walls; put the granite threshold on the shower entry curb; set the granite seat on the bench in the shower; and laid the pebble-tile on the floor of the shower. I'll admit I slowed progress some this afternoon. When they had about half the shower floor covered I noticed an obvious difference in color between sheets of pebble-tile that had been installed. Johnathan agreed that the color difference was obvious and spent some time relaying that tile keeping the color consistent throughout.

Tomorrow the remaining tile -- outside of knee-wall and the floor will be installed and some of the grouting will begin. But, it seems that, the final grouting will have to wait until next Monday.

Work progress pictures don't show a lot of change from yesterday....but I thought some visuals besides those of snow would be expected by anyone who might be reading this. The colors really change depend on the lighting....sorry.

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