Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bathroom Tile Work Day 2

The new bathroom at 3283 is moving closer to completion. The Duca Tile team spent much of the day here building the shower pan, finishing the cement board, and laying out the floor tile. But before they could start we needed a visit from Ben Jones of Tolsma Plumbing. When the bathroom plumbing was roughed in only a pipe stub had been left in the floor of the shower. Before the shower pan could be 'poured' the drain needed to be installed. 

Ben pulled out the temporary stub and enlarged the hole for the new drain fitting.
The new fitting has been fit into the floor opening.
Ben is cutting the pipe to connect it to the drain pipe.
Johnathan's first task today was to tape and mud
the joints in cement board on the shower wall.
A large tub was set up in the bedroom in which
the cement for the shower pan was mixed.
The cement was poured onto the shower floor
to create the slope toward the drain.
The cement [which was mixed very dry] was troweled and pounded
into place. Johnathan spent a lot of time getting it just right.
Next, A heavy vinyl shower pan liner was installed.
It was carefully cut and fitted into the drain fitting.
And,it was extended about 4-6 inches up each wall.
Next the lower cement boards were installed on the wall,
a second level of cement was placed on the floor [over the liner],
a curb was built in the door opening, and remaining joints were taped and sealed
By mid afternoon, the shower area was prepared for tile.
The cement will set over night.
Since there was time left in the day, Johnathan moved the wet-cut tile saw into the bedroom and began to lay out the tile for the main bathroom floor. He cut and dry-fit all the tile except those that will abut the entry curb to the shower. These can't be measured until the temporary "forms" that are shaping the curb are removed -- tomorrow.

The first piece of tile to be cut was the threshold under the bathroom door.
Random lengths of tile started each row at the south wall of the bathroom.
Complex cuts were needed to fit around the end of the knee-wall
and around the toilet fittings.

When the tiles were temporarily laid in place it gave a nice idea of how they will eventually look. Its hard to tell from the photo, but the pattern on these tiles makes them look like cork strips.

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