Thursday, October 10, 2013

Drywall Finishing Begins

[ Yes, this is the second posting today. I've been posting about the previous day's events in the morning for the past couple days. Today the work ended early so I'm catching up. The earlier post was about yesterday's (Wednesday's) work. This is about the work done today (Thursday).]

Drywall finishing is an art. It takes someone with certain specific talents to properly apply tape to the joints, spread layers of joint compound flawlessly over the joints and trowel/sand the surface smooth. Finishing of the drywall at 3283 began today. Jason Austin spent most of the day turning the individual sheets of drywall into full uninterrupted walls. He was quick; he was meticulous; he was ....professional. This is one task I'll never attempt myself.

He worked from about 9:30 this morning until 4:30 or so this afternoon. As he left he placed fans in each room to help the mud dry. And if the critical corner joints do dry by morning he will sand and apply the final mud coat tomorrow. Then, on Saturday there will be the final sanding....and the walls will be "paint ready."

Paper tape was used along the corners where walls meet the ceiling and where two walls meet.
Taping and applying joint compound in the bathroom was done early in the day.
Flat joints were finished with plastic mesh tape and the joint compound.
When you realize the amount of work each joint requires
you understand why professionals minimize the number of joints.
I posted pictures of the bedroom this morning before the finishing began. Compare those with the following pictures of the room with today's effort to finish the joints.  Jason has fans and heaters going in each room to help dry the material in preparation for tomorrow's work. 

Here are a couple photos of the bathroom with joints finished.
It will soon be ready for cabinets and tile.

The tile contractor will install cement board in the shower area  below the drywall.
However the shower will be tiled up to the ceiling.

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