Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bathroom Tile Day 3 and More

Wednesday was busy at 3283. Johnathan was here by 8:30 to continue the tile work. His first task was to slightly build up the height of the bench in the shower. When I framed it in I failed to account for the thickness of the cement in the shower pan. It was thus about 2 inches shorter than planned. But the professional made it right. Thanx, Johnathan.

He worked on the tile in the shower area all day. There was a lot of cutting, beginning with cutting full tiles into thirds to create the accent strips we planned. Then each end tile on each row on each of the three walls needed to be cut. And finally all the top row of tiles needed to be shortened.

Below are some photos of him at work throughout the day.

Cutting tiles to width on the wet cut tile saw.
The accent row even with the top of the knee wall was set first.
Then Johnathan worked up toward the ceiling.
Tiles were placed on three walls up to the level of the second accent row.
You can see the notches in the tile where shelves would be put.
In this picture, tile is all the way to the ceiling on the north wall
and the three shelves are in place.
Two other Duca staff members showed up in the afternoon to install the granite counter top. They actually arrived just as the plumbing supply company was delivering the faucets, shower controls and toilet. Timing worked perfectly so the crew knew just how to drill the holes for the fixtures.

The granite was set onto the cabinets.
A little fitting needed to be done to make it slide into place.
Counter top is set...waiting for sink to be installed.
Sink can be seen in cabinet below.
Again, some "field adjustments" were required to the sink lip.
This allowed it to fit tight with the inside of the cabinet.
Four holes were drilled in the granite to allow the faucet,
two handles and a soap dispenser to be installed,
The vacuum kept dust almost non-existent.
Also this afternoon, Fred from B&F Masonry came by 3283. Since the block foundation was built back in spring a few cracks have appeared in the joints. He was here today to cut out the impacted areas and replace the mortar. We also have a couple other sections of the wall that may need attention after winter. We'll watch them for the next few months....and see if more work is needed next year.

The most noticeable crack was along the top row of block on the west wall.
Fred removed the old mortar and replaced it.
Fred left 3283; the granite crew left 3283 and Johnathan finished up Day 3 of the tile job late in the afternoon. He will be back in the morning to finish the wall tile and start the floor tile. He expects that final grouting will be on Friday. Then I need the plumber here and the glass company to come measure for the shower wall/door and mirror. 

At day's end the bathroom was really beginning to take shape. 
Pictures are below.

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