Saturday, November 16, 2013

Catch Up

Back in the spring and summer I wrote blog posts almost every day. There was a lot happening at 3283 and it was happening quickly. Things have slowed down. Progress continues but at a much, much slower pace. I even took a week off to go to Livonia [it was time for doctors, the dentist and a haircut]. Its been a couple weeks since I posted, so this morning, before I grab paint brush and roller, I thought I'd do a quick update.

Most of what has been done has centered around the laundry area. The old bedroom which has become the entry to the addition will contain the laundry and a wall of closet/storage units. We worked some to get the laundry portion, along the east wall, functional. And, yes, it has been used.

The short wall between the laundry and the basement door wasn't drywalled. Rather we chose to cover it with beadboard to match much of the rest of the cottage. I worked on that recently: picture below.

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The last change to the laundry / addition walkway was replacement of the light fixture. An old wicker single-bulb light hung down into the walkway. This week I sent it to the trash and installed a new multi-light modern fixture. It will be able to both light the laundry [although I did install under-cabinet lights above the washer and dryer] and provide light to the [future] closets.

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Paint. I've said it before. But there is a lot more painting included in this renovation than I had envisioned. I do admit that when complete it does make projects look better. But there sure is a lot of it. Yesterday I put the first coat of paint on the new bathroom walls. The ceiling had been done before tile was installed. The actual painting didn't take too long -- maybe a couple hours. But the taping and protection of the cabinets took all morning to complete -- and I'm still not sure how good my tape line at the ceiling will turn out. It will be what it will be. 

I'm sure between flash photography and digital reproduction you can't get a real feel for the color. Its sort of a putty tone that goes well with both the shower tile and the floor tile. Second coat once I'm done typing. Then I paint the living room wall. Then, next week, the ceiling and all four bedroom walls will get coated. Bobbie did a wonderful job of selecting colors, and buying the paint. Now it's up to me to transform the bare white primed walls into works of art. Pictures of partially painted bath are below.

I hope to see the glass contractor next week. They will install the shower door/wall and the mirror above the sink. My last chore before they come is to put the light fixture above the bathroom sink. Maybe tomorrow or early Monday. It will be a good break to painting.

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