Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday's Work Outside and In

Mervin spent a few more hours at 3283 on Tuesday. He adjusted some ground elevations at the southeast corner of the cottage. That's where our entry deck/stairs and garage are very close together and at quite different heights. The sidewalks there will be somewhat of a challenge.

He also moved a bunch of the topsoil around the property. Some of it that would be out of the way of the concrete work was spread out. The rest was left in stockpiles to be spread after we have sidewalks.

Top soil was spread over most of the north side of the property.
Soil was put in piles near where the sidewalks will be built.
In front you can see the spread out topsoil north of the porch.
The sidewalks will be built to the west and south of the entry porch.
This pile will fill in around the southwest side of the front walks.
It was another HOT day so I continued my work inside on the basement stairway wall. Between trips upstairs and outside to check on the landscaping I managed to complete the south wall. So, now the basement stairs are fully enclosed. Once handrails are installed we will meet code.

The south stairway wall [looking up].
The stairway walls [looking down].
The 'back' of the south stair wall -- and my work area.
Little work is planned for Wednesday. Sidewalks will be started on Thursday. We might not have to walk in the sand by weekend.

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