Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Construction Resumes: Windows - Solar Shades

The south living room wall, until this morning, had four original windows -- single glazed and hinged directly to the studs. They had been painted shut for as long as I can remember. Since we removed the paneling from that wall and will be insulating it with spray foam insulation the windows needed to be brought to 21st Century standards. The new windows arrived a couple weeks ago, and today Jeff Sparks and crew showed up to install them.

My fear was that removal of the old ones would be a problem. But, with sharp carpenters' knives and a "multi-tool" the paint sealing them in place was quickly removed and they came out [almost] effortlessly. Minor new framing was installed, the windows slid into place, squared up and fastened in place. Jeff's guys installed the trim boards on the outside wall and were on their way by 11:00 AM.

The next progress to report can be classified as either construction or decorating  ...  I'm not going to split hairs.  The front porch of 3283 looks out over 50 feet of lawn and deck to Lake Michigan. [OK, there's no "lawn" now....but there will be soon.] The last few hours of sunshine, before the sun sets into the lake, can be brutally bright and hot.  This is especially true since we removed a large oak tree to allow for the basement construction.

To remedy this problem we ordered solar shades for the entire west wall. They were custom fabricated to the width of sets of windows [three shades each on the north and the south sides of the center door]. The shades arrived and were installed today. The work took a couple hours since the installer was truly a professional and a perfectionist. And, I'm very happy with the way they make the porch look.

And, I had a visit from the Township Mechanical Inspector. He was here to inspect the heating and air conditioning system that had recently been installed. He found one significant omission and a couple small fixes that were needed. But, all-in-all the HVAC system meets the standards imposed by our government.

Construction activity has returned to 3283.
And my to-do list still had lots on it.
I'll do my best to keep my posts up to date.

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