Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Relaxing Weekend -- A Little Progress

It was just pointed out to me that I hadn't done a posting in a few days. I guess that is because there hasn't been much visible progress.  Bobbie came to 3283 on Friday. She was the first besides me to walk on the new sidewalks. And we spent a relatively relaxing weekend here. We even spent a few hours on the beach. Lake Michigan water temperature hit 80 degrees.

While she was here I did work a little on the trim around the door to the Boys' Bathroom. Nothing fancy...just 1x4 boards like the exterior on the rest of the place. But, since I had my "resident photographer" here there are a few pictures of me at work.

[By the way, when I installed the bead-board on the stairway walls, and when I worked on this trim I have been using my new pneumatic nail gun set. I wish I'd gotten this thing decades ago. Anyone planning on doing renovation work should get one.]

Measure Twice. Cut Once
So much easier and faster than a hammer.
My decades old Workmate bench still comes in handy.
Ready for paint. Probably this week.
Monday and Tuesday I was holed up in the basement finishing the electrical work to feed basement outlets, the front porch outlets that were disconnected when the new floor was built, and two new outlets in the living room wall. All is now complete except for the connection of the five new circuits [addition outlets, addition lights, bathroom outlets, east basement, west basement] to the circuit breaker box. For those of you who are really really bored, here are pictures of outlets.

I did one other thing over the weekend in preparation for the final top soil installation. As I've mentioned, adjacent to the garage is a latice enclosed shower. Water from the shower simply drains off the slab onto the ground. To prevent a muddy mess after a number of showers we have a simple drain pipe installed to collect the water and let it infiltrate into the soil. I removed to old pipe that had been damaged, got a new one and prepared the spot for installation. I'll work on this as the topsoil grade is finalized.  Here's the new pipe -- just laying there.

More work will start up outside today [Wednesday]. Mervin will be here to finish spreading top soil in preparation for the sprinklers to be installed. The sprinkler company's plumber will be here Thursday to make the connection to the water system inside the house. I'll have pictures of that posted in a more timely manner

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