Monday, July 15, 2013

More Baby Steps

Bobbie came for the weekend. But because she's doing double duty in Livonia she had to spend Friday evening doing yard work there. So she didn't arrive until Saturday morning. We were expecting visitors [one of my mom's cousins] to stop by on their way to a vacation spot further north in Michigan. So, while waiting we just relaxed and enjoyed 3283. They spent an hour or so here checking out the changes. Then were on their way. Since it was well into the afternoon we decided not to start any projects and went into town to re-provision.

Sunday was clear, calm and warm....very warm. Our day began with some badly needed "yard work." Although we don't HAVE a yard there are still patches of grass along the edge and bushes that have grown out of control. And, the vegetation at the end of the drive had reached the point where it was difficult to see when exiting the driveway onto the main road. We manned the string trimmer and brush clippers and dove in. Not exciting. Not real Progress -- more Maintenance. But, I guess part of the Legacy.

Later in the day we did do some work on the renovation. The windows that were installed Tuesday needed to be caulked and painted. When the old windows were removed paint was disturbed so a bunch of scraping also was part of the effort. And telephone and cable lines that were abandoned had run along the outside of the house along the same wall. We ripped those off and readied that strip of siding for paint.

Four 2 foot by 4 foot windows with trim around them create a lot if edges to be caulked. It took two full tubes of caulk and quite a while -- up on an 8 foot folding ladder -- to finish the scraping and caulking.  But there was time enough in the day to get one coat of paint on all the bare wood.

Bobbie got "action shots" of me. They are below.

Lots of edges between windows and trim and trim and house needed caulking.
One advantage to a hot day: Caulk ran smoothly out of the tube.
Its amazing how paint improves the look of new construction.
Once windows were painted I hit some spots where pealing paint had been scraped off.

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