Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prep for Insulation

Walls and ceiling in 3283's addition have been framed, sheathed and sided for a number of months. And, we removed the paneling and installed windows in the south living room wall a few weeks ago. I finely finished the electrical wiring in these walls last week. They were then ready to be insulated. I have been working with Tom Tuls of Holland Insulating Company. They will be installing closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation in the addition and living room walls, the underside of the roof in the addition, and at the ends of each joist above the foundation in the basement. This work is scheduled to begin tomorrow [Thursday] so I had to get the rooms ready for them by today.

We've been living here since the electric was connected in May. Furniture has been in the living room, and the addition had become the catch all place for all my tools, supplies and stuff. I had to clean out the area where the crew will be working. And, before they started spraying I needed to complete some caulking where new addition walls abutted the old Dutch Lap siding.

Not many exciting pictures from this work. But, here they are.

The addition's mess -- 1.
The addition's mess -- 2.
Living room -- quasi-furnished.
After I re-organized my stuff and moved it from the addition it was ready for the work. And after most of the furniture was moved away from the living room wall it was ready to get spray foam. The sofa will be moved and covered before I go to bed tonight.
After today's organization:
The addition looks bigger without the stuff.
The bathroom will be behind the partition wall.
This shows the old north cottage wall. It will be covered with drywall
and the old window will be smaller and become a TV nook.
Another look at the cleaned up addition.
I'm looking forward to insulation, drywall and living here.
The southeast corner of the living room.
The wall will be insulated tomorrow
and the heating duct will be boxed in before drywall is installed.
The southwest corner of the living room.
I needed to add the stud in the corner so the drywall
will have a nailing surface.
Here's the south wall, [almost] ready for insulation.
I'll move the sofa, and cover it later tonight.
My caulking was done yesterday. It made sure that where new walls met the old siding the joint was sealed well. This was especially important since the Dutch Lap has little curved areas that need to be filled to seal the joint. Really, really boring pictures of this caulking follow.
The wall joint needed to be caulked above the ceiling line.
This is where the west addition wall meets the old siding.
You can see the curved portions of the Dutch Lap that needed filling.
The same caulking was needed where the east wall,
in the future bathroom, meets the old structure.
Tomorrow Holland Insulating will be here and spraying the foam in these walls and under the walls above the foundation in the basement. I promise that my pictures will be much, much more interesting.

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  1. Wow. That was a lot if work cleaning up the messy areas! No pic of where all the stuff went?!?
    Big day tomorrow...things are really coming together.