Friday, July 19, 2013

Sidewalks - Part 2 [Finished]

Mike and Mark were here by 7:30 again this morning. They went to work quickly setting the forms along the north of the garage to the drive. Then we spent a little time adjusting the elevations of the forms to, hopefully, get the rain water runoff directed appropriately. We were supposed to get storms this afternoon to check...but as of 9:30 no rain has fallen.

The pictures below tell today's story. Forms were placed. Concrete was delivered and moved into place with the bucket and wheelbarrows. The walks were screeded, floated and finished. And, by noon the work was done.

Forms ready for concrete
A bucket of concrete ready to be poured.
Pouring and Screeding.
Some of the walk required manual labor to pour.
Finishing up to the stairs.

At the suggestion of my son and daughter I used the wet cement to make certain a key part of the legacy is preserved. As I probably have mentioned in this blog before my father would always send each of his sons and grandkids off with the same admonition. He'd say "Be Happy. Have Fun." With a nail, in wet cement I etched that statement into the legacy.

The 3283 Legacy In Four Words.

By early afternoon the sidewalks were done. I think they look great. The slope to the garage is not by any means flat. But we knew there was going to be a decent slope. There had to be because the buildings are at different elevations. At least now there is a paved walkway between beach, house and the shower/garage.

The view looking up from the driveway.
The view from the house looking at the garage/driveway.


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  2. Looks good, Dad! I bet the sidewalks felt great I walk on coming up from the beach after swimming in the 80 degree water. The boys want to come back this summer if the water stays that warm!
    (What happened to the comment above?!?)