Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stairway Wall

I was hoping that some landscaping would start today. But Mervin had to delay until Monday. It's a pity since the weather was perfect today. I did have a couple "outside" things I could have done today -- but they mostly involved painting. And, I needed a break from paint.

So, rather than enjoy the sunshine and 75 degree weather I worked underground -- sort of. The stairs to the basement were roughed in with 2x6 studs supporting them. But no walls were included in my carpenter's scope of work. And, walls are required by government edict so fools or children won't fall through the sides of the steps.

The stairs are under a similar set going to the second floor--thus the walls between the first floor level and the bottom of the old stairs had been covered with horizontal bead-board. We decided to continue the same wall covering adjacent to the new stairs.  Today I spent quite a few hours covering one of the stairway walls. Each board had to be cut to length and many, many had to be shaped around the stair treads. It wasn't easy and took quite a while...but the finished wall looks good...and will look even better when the old and new boards are painted to match.

Part way through the effort looking up the stairs.
Completed wall looking up the steps.
Final north stairway wall looking through the yet-to-be-finished south side studs.
This photo shows the total wall with old and new bead board.
Eventually this will all be painted one color.
By the way...I did some work yesterday. I spent much of the day laying on the basement floor installing electric outlets for about half the basement. I didn't take pictures figuring everyone has already seen outlets. But for those of you who are really interested a couple of the outlets can be seen at the very bottom of the second picture above.

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