Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Lawn In Basic Black

The next step in the landscaping process was completed today. Mervin returned and moved all the topsoil he had left in piles around 3283.  He covered the sand and brought the base for the sod to the proper level. He and his helper did a lot of work today using a small John Deere tractor, wheelbarrows and shovels. They arrived just before 10:00 this morning and worked until after 5:00 this afternoon. Most of their morning work was along the south side of the cottage and in the front yard.

Some reshaping of the sand was needed before topsoil could be placed.
This was especially true south of the new sidewalks.
Where he could, Mervin placed the top soil with the tractor bucket.
Good old fashioned manual labor moved much of the dirt.
The tool on the rear of the tractor is made for landscape grading.
Topsoil is coming close to final level here in the front yard.
Mervin spread the existing stockpile until about 1:30. Then the final load of topsoil arrived. This load was 20 cubic yards -- slightly less that the two 25 yard loads that came before.  All in all, we have added 70 cubic yards of topsoil to the yard. This latest batch was spread throughout the back of 3283, and into the terraces created by the retaining wall.

Another BIG truck made a delivery to 3283.
Too bad Leo and JJ, my truck loving grandsons, aren't here to see it.
Mervin covered the back yard with the soil.
Here he is working next to the steps to the basement.
Some dirt had to be moved by wheelbarrow to fill corners of the yard.
All of the terrace "planters" got their share of the top soil.
When Mervin and his helper were done the yard was no longer sandy beige. Now, it has taken the classy color of Basic Black. Four inches of rich, black top soil cover the [soon to be] lawn and flower/shrub bed areas around 3283. The following pictures were taken after 5:00 so there are afternoon shadows. But they give a good idea of how the yard looks at day's end. If you try maybe you can picture the black replaced by green ... and imagine how the yard will look once sod is in place.

Looking at the back [east] side of 3283.
Looking north across the front 'lawn'.
Looking east toward the front porch...across the new 'lawn'.
Looking southeast showing the expanse of front lawn
[and the cottage's new addition].
Looking east along the south side of 3283.

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