Friday, March 29, 2013

Basement Walls -- Part II and a Visit

Thursday's work:
Basement construction continued today. Higher courses required the crew to work off of scaffolding. Reinforcing rod needed to be inserted and concrete poured through specific block cores.  The crew began to install decorative "split face" block where it will show above ground. And the three windows that will provide light to the basement along the south wall were laid out and installed. Determinations needed to be made as to how to leave openings in the block walls to allow lifting beams to be removed.

Work didn't move as quickly today as it did yesterday. I won't be on site tomorrow .... but I expect the walls will be substantially complete by the weekend.

Block was stationed up on scaffolding for the crew to lay the top six courses of block.

Working from the scaffold the crew could position the top blocks but had to watch out for the beams  overhead.

The split face block will provide a great look to those portions of the foundation above grade level.
The southeast corner with the top block  at the final wall height.
The first window being 'dry fit' into position.
The South wall has three windows. There will be one row of block above them.

Most notable today at 3283 was a visit from its next two generations. My daughter Sue, her husband Damon and my grandsons Drew and Leo stopped by -- 'on the way' from Minnesota to Livonia -- to check out the progress.  They had a comprehensive tour of the construction site.....But I think Drew and Leo enjoyed sitting up on some "Big Yellow Iron" the best!!!

What's more fun than playing on construction equipment

Two of the reasons to carry on the Legacy

Sue, Drew, Leo and Damon

Although I wont be on site on Friday, my continued presence there has had its rewards:
I'm meeting some exceptional people.
I'm seeing a complex transformation take place.
3283 is becoming truly mine.
My honorary membership of the Deitz team has been cloth.

Thanx for the sweatshirt, Dan.
But now won't all your customers want one?

I'm back in Livonia. Will spend Easter weekend with the my kids and grandsons. Soon family holidays at 3283 won't be limited to Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Happy Easter to all who read this. 
I'll post again on Monday


  1. Yes John all my customers will want a sweatshirt. My rule is, if they write a blog as good or better than your's, I will gladly give them a shirt.

  2. John, watching the crew lay block is bringing back nightmares of my high school days of laying block with my Uncle. I was the guy who mixed the motar and my Uncle layed the block, and I could not keep up with him. I would not want to be the one mixing for two block layers!
    Enjoying the blog, agree with Dan, you write a great blog.
    Enjoy the family