Monday, April 1, 2013

Basement Walls -- Part III [Friday's Results]

On Friday March 29th the block crew continued work. I spent the day in Livonia with my kids and grandsons.  On Friday they completed all thirteen courses of block on the foundation walls. The only sections not completed were where beams extend through the plane of the wall or locations from where interior support beams need to be withdrawn.

The pictures below were taken first thing this morning and show what 3283 looked like at the beginning of work today.

The back [east] side of the cottage as it looked at the end of the day Friday 3/29.

The south side of the cottage. Only one small beam 'hole' shows here.
The three windows will let lots of light into the basement.
The front [west] and north side of the cottage. Beams extended beyond the front wall.
The large opening on the north wall is where the basement for the addition will be connected.

Besides the exterior walls the crew needed to build a concrete block support for the  fireplace.
his structure is at about the center of the basement.

A second Blog will follow [also dated April 1] that will describe the work done on Monday.

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