Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Surprising and Pleasant Progress

As you read yesterday -- or not -- I had thought today would be free of work on 3283. Or, at least it would be free of contractor's work. I was going to make calls, check status of orders and so forth. I even allowed myself to sleep past 8:00. Then I started making calls and other contacts. I checked on the windows for the addition [they are due next week]. I talked to one roofer. And then I sent a text message to Jeff Sparks to see if he was still an option to build the retaining wall.

Surprise!! He sent a text back saying he was at 3283 working on the "band board." My mode quickly shifted from leisurely to normal. I got dressed and headed to the cottage.

In order to maintain existing structural integrity; allow for some slight correction of sloping floors; and, provide for inconsistencies among the original framing of the cottage, porches and the addition, the number of "sill plates" varies around the top of the foundation. Some areas sit on only one, most have two and some have two--plus shimming lumber.  To handle this and maintain a consistent look on all walls the carpenters installed what they call a "band board" that will be below the siding on all outside walls.

As I arrived I saw a "mini-shop" set up behind 3283.
The table saw was to rip the boards to size; the miter saw to cut them to length.
John and Bill are installing part of the band board on the front wall.
At their right, they prepared the wall for the entry deck to be attached.
Water guard and flashing over the ledger board are part of that preparation.
Jeff is installing a drip edge that will be between two boards
making up the total "band board" around the front porch.
We are not changing the entry to the back of the cottage. It will still be into the south end of the screened in porch. But we will be building a new set of steps and entry deck. The old deck wasn't properly attached to the cottage, and water damage to both the porch frame and the siding was evident. The current standards require a water barrier and metal flashing be installed to protect the cottage wall and the ledger board that will support the deck floor.
Jeff and Bill are working on water seal
where the back entry deck will be built.
The ledger board, with flashing above, is in place on the two walls
that will support much of the entry porch.
We are anxious to end the use of our "temporary steps."
The Sparks Crew worked a "long morning" which turned out just right for me, because I was able to meet a second "certified arborist" who gave me advice on what to do to make sure the large oak east of the cottage that was quite stressed during construction remains healthy.

The band board will have to be painted white as will the siding on the new addition. But just seeing it around the entire structure made things look more finished to me. Especially looking at the front porch, and mentally picturing the entry stoop, I am seeing more and more a finished product.

What do you think?

The band board follows the top of the foundation
around the addition and the front porch.
It also ties the addition to the main house.
I can picture the entry deck, with two steps, leading up to the front door
and a walk from it heading toward the beach. The band board will be
painted white, there will be a new green roof, and a lawn will cover the sand.
Accepting suggestions on other landscaping.

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