Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Update

I stayed in Holland this weekend.
I hadn't planned on it, and had even planned on being in Livonia on Monday. But the problems of last week suggested that I be here for some follow up. And, thankfully, Bobbie came here again yesterday to provide me with lots of support...real and moral.

I believe that before the plumbers and electricians dig their two trenches [one, across the back of the home and toward the garage and two, to the septic system] the erosion problem needs to be solved. So, the retaining walls along the slope to the basement door need to be built -- sooner rather than later.  Last Friday I tried to contact potential contractors to build the walls. Most suggested that they could only get to the job a number of weeks into the future. Saturday I met with two that thought they just might be able to get to the work within a week. Neither promised -- but both would get back to me soon. So, my hopes have been lifted. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

There is no question that the 'flood' and the impact on the project had my spirits at a low point. They were lifted by Bobbie's visit. She came here yesterday. It was good seeing her. It was good for her to see the "project." Somehow with her here the sun actually shined for a few hours...and it seemed to get warmer.  I cleaned the dirt on the basement floor that was left by the half-inch of muddy-sandy water some on Friday but there was still a mess in the basement. Bobbie helped me both yesterday and today.  The section nearest the door where the water came in still needs work. But, with her help most of the rest of the basement are beginning to clean up.

Its going to take lots of repetitive brushing and sweeping to remove all the dirt and sand that is now stuck to many parts of the floor.  But thanks to Bobbie's help the place is definitely ready for more indoor electrical work tomorrow. And the project will move on.

This update isn't as much to chronicle the last 36-48 hours as it is to give public thanks to Bobbie for coming and lifting my spirits and pushing a broom.  Love you, Bobbie.

Bobbie helped a lot with the sweeping.
But her moral support was what was the best part of the weekend.

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