Monday, April 29, 2013

Windows [Pella, not Microsoft] Delivered

So far nearly all materials for the work at 3283 have been provided by the contractors.  I have purchased a few minor things...but nothing significant. Today a the largest purchase I've made so far was delivered. And besides some cleaning and caulking [no I wont bore you with more caulk pictures] this delivery was the the "progress" made today.

In the addition and the relocated porch bathroom there will be five windows. There is a large double casement facing the lake, two small awning windows on the north wall of the addition and one small awning window in each of the new/relocated bathrooms.

At about 7:40 this morning -- right on schedule -- the Pella window trick backed down the driveway  and delivered these windows. I helped unload, so no action shots. We stored the five windows in the garage. Are today's pictures of windows leaning against a wall....or last week's scraping/caulking pictures more boring?

Today's "advertising" shot isn't for a contractor, but for a product.
We've been happy with the Pella windows installed a few years
ago when the dormer was updated.

Not a very large load....but the driver said he was working his way north
along the lake shore all the way to Manistee.
So I guess a 7:30 scheduled delivery was necessary.
Here they are. The four small ones are exactly like those across the front
second floor. The large ones match those on the back second floor...
but we added the dividers to create three small panes at the top.
I have similar dividers on order to make the old windows match.
If all goes as planned there will be action shots tomorrow....the construction of the retaining wall is scheduled to begin in the morning.

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