Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rain Delay: Work Called After One Wall

Another wet day in Holland. Standing water along the roads. 3283 had some wet spots and the sand was very wet.....but no puddles....even at the basement entry door. A good test.

Jeff Sparks and the carpenters gave it a valiant try this morning. They were here early and managed to frame in the north wall and install the ceiling joists.  But then today's game was called on account of rain.

And, today's post will be a short one.

The north wall has been framed and tipped up.
They are using the nail gun to fasten it in place.
The first three ceiling joists are in position and being nailed in place.
I can almost picture a bed's headboard between those two --future-- windows.
The east wall is yet to be framed.
It will likely remain that way until the door is cut through into the cottage. 
Here's a look at the new north side of 3283 from our neighbor's yard.

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