Monday, April 15, 2013

Weather ... Schedules ... Teamwork

Today's post is less "news" and more "editorial."

The weather became more like Spring today. The temperature here finally hit 60. Grand Rapids TV weather said it was the second latest date on record to have reached 60. The rain held off until after 5:00 pm.  It could have been a good day to work on the cottage.

A construction project requires coordination between numerous players. It requires contractors that work well together as a Team. It requires patience with material deliveries. It requires understanding of the weather conditions....and dealing with weather delays. When all these things line up precisely, exactly as planned the Team would have a project go perfectly.

Projects never go perfectly.

The work at 3283 has been plagued with cold and wet weather since the beginning. The Team of contractors brought together by Deitz House Moving Engineers has worked together exceptionally well. Materials have shown up when scheduled. The work to lift the structure and build the basement went very well: the house was put on beams; lifted; basement built; and the structure set down on the foundation with no damage at all. The project is within the expected schedule.  The Deitz Team is great and I have been very satisfied with each and every day's progress.

That's why I had to sit back and smile today.

It was the nicest day of the spring.

And no work was done.

I had expected the masons to finish their work and the electricians and plumbers to begin reconnecting those systems.  But their schedules didn't mesh with 3283 today.  They will be back on site over the next few days -- but the weather isn't supposed to be nearly as nice. And, the project will stay within schedule.

The day wasn't wasted, though. I met with a couple heating and roofing contractors. I'll have their proposals shortly and I will be able to select one of each and schedule their work once the first phase is done.

More news tomorrow.
Work photos, I hope.

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