Monday, March 4, 2013

The Construction Site Takes Shape

Today was a very active and very productive day at 3283.

  • They finished attaching the beam and jacked up the front porch wall to take weight off the porch floor.
  • The plumber disconnected and removed all the plumbing from under the house...including removing the pressure tank from the "pit" under the kitchen.
  • He also located the underground lined to the house and between the house and garage.
  • Two dumpsters were delivered. One for "wood" one for "concrete." 
  • The indispensable porta-potty showed up.
  • More perimeter clearing took place...including removal of all the bushes at the back porch.
  • A clearing...complete with silt-fence... was made in the woods for excavated sand. Patrick did a great job clearing some trees, cutting and stacking them. 
  • Most top-soil from around the cottage was moved and stockpiled in the woods.
Patrick and John finished attaching the beam to the four columns
that transfer the roof weight to the current porch floor. They then
slightly jacked up the beam so the porch floor, joists and sill plates
can be removed and replaced by the carpenter team.

Most of the plumbers work was done in the crawlspace under the cottage.
All old water, sewer and gas lines were cut out and removed.
The pile above was about a third of the total.
The wood dumpster and potty are alongthe north property line.The dumpster driver 
brought it on a trailer and was a mastersliding it into position.
The concrete dumpster is much larger and
came on a typical 'roll-off' truck.
The overhead telephone and cable lines 
a challenge but the driver was a pro.


The "back" of the cottage has been cleared out. All the overgrown evergreens
have been ripped out. Much of the sidewalk relocated -- into the concrete dumpster.
And the latticework was pulled off to provide access below the porch.

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