Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Main Beams.....

Having failed to think of some clever Star Trek paraphrase beginning with "Beam me......" I'll just say that the crew performed some amazing handling tricks moving 40 foot long beams down the long narrow driveway and sliding them into precise position under the cottage.  The day was cold and a steady wind blew snow flurries off the lake all day long. 

I'll let the following pictures tell the story of how the day played out.....

First thing this morning the crew filled in the trenches used to excavate the west end of  the cottage.
Sand was removed from under the cottage to make room for beams.
Two 40 foot beams showed up by semi at the end of the driveway.
The beams were moved down the drive using the large end loader.
The length of the beam can be seen here.

The crew carefully positioned the beam and slid it under the
north side of the house.

The push started using the small loader. Once it was supported
by two sets of rollers it could be pushed by hand.

The beam was positioned using rollers set on top of the cribbing.
The beam on the south side was installed in a similar manner.
But, since it had to start in at an angle some extra shifting
was required.
At the end of the day both Main Beams were in place under the cottage.
This picture is of the west side of the cottage with beams installed.