Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Second Crib...Beam Tunnels....A New Porch Floor

Lots of activity on the site today. The Deitz crew expanded from three to five. And the project carpenter Jeff Sparks was at 3283 with his helper. Seven workers plus me -- the observer.

The tunnel excavation at the southeast corner of the house was completed to a distance of about 12 feet inside the east wall.  Patrick had to work around the concrete block well pit that is under the kitchen. By the end of the day the crew had constructed the second crib at the end of this tunnel, matching the one at the northeast part of the house.

Hand excavation connected the northeast trench to the fireplace support and allowed the Deitz crew to make beam holes in the fireplace foundation which will allow the weight of the fireplace to be supported during lifting.

The floor of the glass-enclosed front porch -- that spans the full width of the lake side of the cottage -- needed to be replaced before it could be lifted along with the rest of the home.  The carpenters spent the day removing all the old floorboards and the minimal support joists and construction a new 10 foot by 30 foot floor.

Pat dives the Cat 257B into the trench being dug at the southeast corner of the cottage. The trench was cut adjacent to the concrete block well pit that is under the kitchen at this corner of the house.
The crib is in place at the southeast corner of the building.

The carpenters removed all of the old floor from the cottage's
porch. Much of the floor along the outside wall was rotted and
unable to support the structure.  Jeff Sparks is installing new
joists that will support the new floor.

Almost done.
One or two more sheets of OSB subfloor and the porch will be ready to be lifted.

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  1. This is soooo cool. The construction process. The progress. Seeing the 'forts' under the cottage (an eventual man cave). The transformation. Really enjoying the BLOG.