Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update

No, this won't be a SNL parody. Just a quick post to describe our progress at 3283 over the past couple days. Only one small "construction" activity -- and it was more a step back than "progress."

I had wired the Boys' Bathroom last week and was ready to connect it to power. I had a nearby junction box identified as the place where I could get power. The wire was run up to it. I just needed Bobbie to help me identify what circuit it was on, so I could cut the power. We did that, and then I opened the box. Problem. As required, I set the bathroom up with a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) type outlet. The cottage is old, and much of the wiring has no ground wire. That's what I found when I opened the junction box. And, therefor the GFI won't work. The supply wire now dangles down from the basement ceiling....while I try to identify another appropriate power source.

We cleaned, organized and prepared 3283 for the company we'll have later this week. While most rooms [downstairs at least] still have construction needed within them the furnishings have been replaced to allow for "normal" habitation. Bobbie worked her tail off getting things ready for our kids and grandkids to visit over the next few weeks.

The living room wall is still in need of new windows, insulation, drywall and paint. The front porch needs flooring. But they can now be occupied.

Saturday night...or more correctly very early Sunday morning a band of very strong storms crossed Lake Michigan and clobbered the shoreline. We were awakened by heavy rain, thunder, lightening and some small hail. But what the storm really brought was wind. The wind blown rain caused a problem that has plagued 3283 for decades: the old front porch windows leak. And Saturday night they leaked badly.Since we were awake, we saw the water dripping [flowing?] in and managed it. But we do need to identify a more permanent solution -- short of replacing 50 feet of window wall.  The good news is that the new roof held up wonderfully in the wind and rain. Test: Passed.

A somewhat makeshift but fully functional flagpole has stood in front of our deck, overlooking the beach, for decades. In my long term mental plan for this renovation I had replacing it with a "real" flagpole listed. But it was far, far down the list.  Mother Nature may have reordered my list with the storm. The winds were strong. Sunday morning the weather folk were saying 50 MPH gusts. The flagpole snapped off at the base. And was laying across a nearby bush. It will be temporarily made to stand for the near term. But Bobbie suggested that I "research flagpoles."

The HVAC guys will be here Monday to [hopefully] finish up the installation of the heating/air conditioning system. I'll be doing more electrical work. I may try to prime some trim. And, there are dozens of other things on y "list" that could be started --  maybe even finished.  Stay Tuned.

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  1. BIG thanks to mom for getting the cottage ready for our visit. We promise to bring our paint clothes so we can help out too.
    You don't think much progress is being made these days, but there is. We can't wait to see it all!