Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The "Boys' Sink"

3283 has had a very small 1/2 bath on the back porch forever. Just a toilet and a wall mounted sink. Growing up my brothers and I always seemed to be quite dirty when we arrived back at the cottage. We were told to always wash up in or "use" that bathroom. It became known as, and still is often called, "The Boys' Bathroom."

If you've been a long-time follower of this blog you'll remember it was also the room where our electric service entrance used to be. Big Brother doesn't allow electric panels in reach of toilets so we decided to relocate the bathroom...slightly. The new room was framed out a few weeks ago, and the toilet was installed. But the wrong sink was ordered. The right one came today and was installed.

[A note on the mis-order: I found the toilets and sink I wanted on-line. The prices were good so I told my plumber what items I wanted and what prices -including shipping- I saw on line. If he and his supplier could match the price, fine....otherwise he said he'd order them from the on-line place. The item number on line for the sink was attached to a "two hole 4 inch spaced" sink.  His supplier ordered that item number. A one hole sink came. Thankfully Bob and the supplier worked it out and got the right replacement sink. But, be careful, the pictures and the specifications you see on line may not match the actual product.]

So Tuesday Bob Tolsma visited 3283 with the new sink and installed it in the Boys Bathroom. What follows are three breath taking photos of the installation and the final product.

The new sink mounts to the wall....just like the old one.
Bob is finishing the installation.
Ready for boys' dirty hands.
Mine were the first to be washed here.
I spent more time wiring the addition. And Doug worked away on the sheet metal to direct air from the furnace and air conditioner throughout the house.

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