Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Wires -- More Windows

Tuesday and Wednesday saw me drilling holes and pulling wire for electric outlets in the basement. I also found a solution to the power source for the light and outlet in the Boys Bathroom. They are now fully functional. As with much of what I'm doing now, the solution took about 3 or 4 times longer than what I had originally anticipated. But it's done. The bathroom can be used -- day or night.

If you haven't figured it out yet, we have a large basement. It is under the main house [900 sq ft] the front porch [300 sq ft] the addition [264 sq ft] and the back porch [100 sq ft]. That's 1564 sq ft of area which is divided up into 4 areas/rooms by unfinished load bearing stud walls, a fireplace foundation and a stairway. Ceiling lights were installed by my contractor as required by code. But no electric outlets were included in that work. I'll be installing about a dozen outlets to cover all of the areas.  Over the last couple days I drilled holes, installed outlet boxes and pulled wire for five of these locations. These five will be on one circuit and are generally located in the east "half" of the space.
You can see 4 of the 5 here. Wire was also run back to the circuit breaker box.
If you remember from a few weeks ago, when we stripped the paneling and insulation from the living room's south wall we decided it would be a good idea to replace the 85 year old windows in that wall. Pella makes a size that will fit exactly between the existing [24 inch on center] studs. So they were ordered. I got a call from the local distributor a few days ago saying the delivery would be Wednesday between 8:30 and 9:30 [and reminding me to have my check ready]. At about 8:35 the Pella truck drove down the driveway and delivered the four windows. I hope to get Jeff Sparks to install them in a week or two.
The new living room windows are in the garage waiting to be installed.
Its Thursday morning as I write this. I've been organizing, straightening and cleaning yesterday and today. This is in preparation for Sue, Damon, Drew and Leo's arrival late tonight/early tomorrow morning. Bobbie and her mom are also coming today. So 3283 will soon have seven of us here. Then, next week Mike, Lindsay and JJ will come for a few days over the 4th of July. 3283 will be filled with family -- just as it is supposed to be.

Because of the "visitors" I'm uncertain if "progress" will be slowed or hastened. I expect that I won't be posting as much. But rest assured that I'll catch up when I do. 

Remember to:
Be Happy and Have Fun
We certainly will be.

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  1. It's great to look at vintage windows. And owners have bragging rights if they preserved it for decades. But when the need for a new one arises, then it's time to replace them. It's great that you found windows that fit exactly between the existing studs.