Monday, June 3, 2013

Heat -- Sort-Of and More Wiring

I'm back "home" at 3283 today. I came in last night...and it was another chilly evening. I managed to sleep bundled up...and was expecting to have to "camp-in" again tonight. But, it seems that I might not be as cold tonight.

Doug showed up this morning and continued working on the heating system. Last Friday he installed more large duct work, piped the PVC condensate drain from the furnace and installed a fresh air vent that is required by code. Today he installed the PVC combustion air and exhaust piping for the furnace. We've all seen these pipes exiting through the wall of any home with a newer high efficiency gas furnace. They are usually just two 4 or 5 inch pipes sticking out from the wall...some have one of the pipes sticking up vertically a couple feet. That's what I was expecting. But, I was pleasantly surprised. Doug installed a alternative inlet/exhaust fixture. I think it looks much better than plain pipes.

The combustion air and exhaust pipes in the basement.
The inlet/exhaust fixture installed today.
Doug then attached the gas pipe to the tee installed in the main gas line by the plumbers. He had to run a number of feet of black pipe, a number of fittings and a valve in order to feed the furnace. Once that was done he made temporary electric and thermostat connections which allowed the furnace to fire up and run. And, since the duct work is complete to the two upstairs west bedrooms, I can sleep tonight with heat...maybe. The 'rub' is that the thermostat is in the living room...and the ducts there aren't installed. So, if I turn the heat on it may run continually unless enough heat makes its way to the living room to deactivate the thermostat. We'll see how cold it is here at 11:00 or so. I'll let you all know tomorrow if I sleep with the new heating system warming me.
Doug install;ed the gas line to the furnace.
With "temporary" electric power to the furnace
and a connection to our old thermostat,
Doug had the furnace firing up for he first time.
While Doug worked on the heating system, I was in the addition working on electric wiring. By the end of my day I had all the wiring in the bathroom and the switches for the bedroom light and fan 95% complete. Again, no action photos....and pictures of electric outlets and switchers are boring. But, I never promised not to bore you. Here are a few pics of what I finished today.

The outlets that will be above vanity.
The left one is a GFI plug and the right one is fed off of it.
Bathroom Exhaust Fan. Wire is run from switch, but not yet connected.
Two switches in the bathroom control the light and fan.
Two switches in bedroom. One is a normal switch for the light.
The one on the right will control a ceiling fan at three speeds.

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