Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Ends With Signs

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were days of minor progress at 3283. Bobbie came up on Thursday evening. And, we spent time painting and purchasing. There is a lot of painting needed as part of the renovation. Probably more than I ever anticipated. The days kind of melded into one another so the painting pictures below may have been on Friday or Saturday.
Bobbie scraped and painted along the south wall.
The wall above the new back entry porch needed  to be repainted.
I worked on priming the addition.
I finished the west wall and got started here on the top of the north wall.
The west side of the cottage is all white now.
 There was also some work Friday on the heating and air conditioning. But after three weeks the work is still not complete. Doug had a helper and completed all of the sheet metal duct work [I think]. And, an electrician showed up to wire the air conditioner and install the final power supply and switch for the furnace. They wont be working until mid-week next week ... but I anticipate that the air conditioner will be installed then. And there are a few 'clean up' items to be completed before the project is done.

There is a LOT of sheet metal in 3283 that will move air through the house.
Doug and his helper balanced above the upstairs stairway to install a large return air grate.
The electrician installed the 220 volt disconnect for the air conditioner.

Sunday Bobbie and I spent a few minutes at the end of our driveway. Until then it had become overgrown with weeds and grass not yet cut in 2013...and with signs advertising many of our contractors. We dealt with the weeds and removed a couple of the contractors' signs that were there.

Most importantly, we put up our own signs.
Signs that celebrate the past, present and future of our family here at 3283. 

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  1. Wow, so much fun to watch the progress. Sorry Bobbi that you have to work all week and then continue with more work on the weekend. Sure hope you catch alitte r&r. John, what a cool idea with all the signs, that is a nice touch, one that only you would think to do.
    Jeff reads it daily, just doesn't post his comments.