Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our Contractors

We are fortunate to have chosen excellent contractors to work on 3283.
We aren't complete with the effort and will likely have others to add to the list.
But, I thought I’d use today’s blog post to give each of the ones who've left their marks on 3283 thus far some widespread free advertising.
[Probably not quite as widespread as a Super Bowl ad, though.]
Here goes:

The major part of the effort was coordinated by Dan Deitz, who brought together a majority of the team we've used. He assisted with all the permits [MDEQ, County SESC, and Township Building] and acted as general contractor for much of the work. It was Deitz, obviously, who lifted the cottage, excavated for the basement and lowered the structure back onto the new foundation. Dan also coordinated and personally managed the work of the other contractors on his team.
Dan Deitz
Deitz House Moving Engineers, Inc.
2731 Coldstream Ct.
Muskegon, MI 49444

The footings, concrete block foundation and basement floor were constructed by B.F. Masonry who is located north of Muskegon. The contact information I have for them is limited [these guys spend their time laying block, not sitting in an office], but provided below.
B.F. Masonry

The interior supporting walls, new front porch floor, new sill plates, exterior banner boards and interior stairs to the basement were constructed under the Deitz contract by Jeff Sparks Builder. I also contracted with Jeff directly to frame and side the addition, frame and side the new back porch bathroom, and build the entry decks at both front and back entrances.
Jeff Sparks Builder, LLC
16528 Hemlock Dr.
Spring Lake, MI 49456

Disconnection and re-connection of water [well] sewer [septic] and gas lines were completed by Bob Tolsma Plumbing. Bob disconnected all the lines prior to the lifting of the house and basically re-plumbed the entire house once it was back on the foundation. He and his main-man Ben also installed a sanitary lift pump in the basement to allow fixtures below the main floor to discharge to the septic system. I also hired Bob to replace the sewer line from the house to the septic tank/field and to rough in plumbing for a new laundry and the bathroom in the addition.
Bob Tolsma Plumbing
A-5058 146th Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

Electrical work under the Deitz contract was performed by B&L Electric. The work included relocating the service connection from overhead to underground, repairing/replacing wiring disturbed by the lifting [many wires ran under the floor joists], providing required lighting to the new basement and reconnecting power to the garage. I separately added to the effort installation of a entirely new circuit breaker box and the “organization” of much of the existing main floor wiring.
Brian Tierman
B&L Electric & Construction
4323 Airline Road
Muskegon. MI 49444

Beyond the work performed under the Deitz contract I hired a few contractors directly to assist in the transformation of 3283. As of today I have contracted for a timber retaining wall, a new roof and the entire replacement of the heating system [adding air conditioning].

The retaining wall was built by Mervin Hochstetler from Aesthetic Gardener. Thusfar he has only built the wall, but he’s definitely in the running for planting a lawn and other landscape work.
Mervin Hochstetler
Aesthetic Gardener
Holland, MI

The roof above my head as I type was in poor shape before we began the project. It was probably five or more years overdue for replacement. We decided to not only replace the shingles on the sloped portions of the roof, but to upgrade the roof of the semi-flat dormer to 21st century standards. Because of the two different types of roofing material being installed we chose West Michigan Roofing who has experience installing both types with their own crews.
Adam Megna
West Michigan Roofing
18450 171st Avenue
Spring Lake, MI 49456

And, the last contractor working on 3283 [so far] is Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling. And, they are actually working as I type. Hundreds of square feet of sheet metal have been installed and more is being fitted into place in the basement below me. Their work is not yet complete, so watch future posts for updates. But their contact information is as follows.
Ron Achterhof
Bremer & Bouman Heating and Cooling, Inc.
1145 Washington Avenue
Holland, MI 49423

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