Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Has It Been Three Months???

Wow! I know I've been lazy about posting to the blog. I'm sorry. And, until I opened the program to provide an update I didn't realize it had been three months since I last posted. 2014 has been a much slower year for changes to 3283 than 2013 was -- though there will never be a year like last.

We have made some progress here over the last few months....and have made some decisions for some significant work to be done over the next few weeks or so.  I won't go indo the usual level of boring detail that I have in the past. But, I will explain the work done recently in highlight and photo form.

As you entered 3283 one of the first things you saw was a 'vintage' 1960's globe shaped ceiling light. I have never liked it, and it was certainly not right for our upgrades.  We selected a new fixture and replaced the old one a few weeks ago.

Out with the old..... with the new.
The back entry 'deck' was built early last year. It functioned through the summer, fall and winter in its raw pressure treated lumber form. Once the weather warmed [some] this spring Bobbie and I finely spent a weekend painting it. A professional painter suggested that for treated lumber we use a solid color stain rather than traditional paint. So, we tried that. Two coats. It's a matte finish rather than the semi-gloss of the siding. We'll have to see how it works over time.

The outside steps to the basement door were also built last spring as part of the retaining wall that protects the slope down to the basement door. But the treads of the steps were never finished. They remained simply a sand surface. While this was great for allowing rain to soak in it was not very good for walking or carting heavy stuff into the basement.

I considered a number of options to provide a firm surface on each step but yet allow rainfall to infiltrate. I finely selected a product called PorousPave. Its made from recycled rubber [tires] stone and a proprietary polymer that holds it all together. It sets up as hard as asphalt...but allows water to flow right through it.  The contractor spent about a half day at 3283 preparing each step and installing the PorousPave. Below are a few pictures of the work and the finished product.

Over Memorial Day weekend Sue, Damon, Drew and Leo came from Minnesota to enjoy 3283 with us. It was mostly family time and relaxation. But, Bobbie did ask Damon to help me install a new flagpole next to the stairs to the beach. He did all the hard work.....I tried to keep things plumb. 

Mike, Lindsay and JJ were also able to spend time here over part of the holiday weekend, though Mike had to work much of the time. Having our grandsons here makes everything worthwhile.

Drew, Leo and JJ
3283 has a fireplace. Well, it had a fireplace. My grandfather made a fire in it just about every night that I can remember as a kid. But the chimney is unlined brick with less-than-perfect mortar in places. It is structurally sound but it has not been safe for a wood fire for a long time. We decided that a gas insert would make the fireplace functional and provide some heat.

We had some trouble finding an insert that would fit within the small opening.....but were eventually successful. Last week the contractor came and installed the insert and the metal piping that runs up inside the chimney. It's not quite functional yet. The end piece for the piping needs to be installed on top of the chimney yet. When that is done we will again be able to have a fire in the living room of 3283.  Installation pictures below.

Connecting the gas line in the basement.
The gas [and electric for the fan] come up in the room behind
the fireplace. This spot will soon be inside a closet.
A remote control unit was installed to replace the basic manual one.
The gas line is attached to the insert.
Combustion air intake and exhaust piping has been
run down the chimney and attached to the insert.
The "finished" fireplace insert.
Besides the work shown above we did more painting/staining of trim in the addition. Bedroom windows are complete. Bathroom windows and 80% of baseboard has been stained and awaits urethane and installation. Bobbie did a wonderful job staining and probably painted 70% of the bedroom trim. Thanx!!!!

Finely, we spent a lot of time thinking about, researching, and talking to professionals about the floors throughout the main portions of the first floor. We will be finalizing a contract with a flooring company to completely replace floors in the entry/kitchen, living room and main bathroom. They will also be installing a new floor on the front porch which was reconstructed as part of last spring's work. And. you may have noticed that the fireplace insert is raised above the floor within the old opening. The flooring contractor will be building a new raised hearth. We've picked the material but have not yet finalized the size.

We hope that the floors will be complete within the next month. Stay tuned. I promise to provide daily updates as that work proceeds.

Well, i just spent a good part of a rainy morning typing and posting pictures. I wonder if all my followers have given up on me and if anyone will see this. Please leave a comment or send me a note ... I'd like to know who may still be interested.

Be Happy. Have Fun.

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